wonder meyer sitting at her studio desk

Ever wonder about me?

My love of drawing started in earnest when I was 7 years old, when my parents made the brave decision to pack up our lives into a 45ft yacht and embark on a poorly planned, but much anticipated adventure around the world. 
Living in confined spaces for long periods of time, first on the yacht crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and then in a trusty Ford Falcon station wagon traversing Australia on what may have been the longest camping trip on earth, I had limited options to keep myself occupied.

Thankfully I had an active imagination, so my days in endless transit were spent mostly:

1) Devouring books of any description
2) Having weird internal dialogues with my imaginary pet dragon named Hanalei, and
3) Drawing my favourite subjects repeatedly, which were horses, more horses (I was heavy into horses), portraits of my stuffed animals and exotic wildlife from old Nat Geo magazines.


Although Hanalei has sadly dissipated into the ether and I can no longer dedicate quite so much time to reading, my love of drawing has remained my one enduring escape. After graduating cum laude with a Btech in Printmaking and Illustration 

from Nelson Mandela University, I've been living my dream as an independent illustrator. I am currently based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, painting animals in imaginative worlds and saying yes to every new adventure with my husband and our dog Lily Pond.